some numbers from this past week

4: The number of unique people (my parents, the fedex lady who dropped off some boxes from work, and a neighbor who stopped to get some hay) I saw from Monday afternoon through Friday afternoon.
136: The approximate number of unique cows I have seen from Monday afternoon through Friday afternoon.
14: The number of boxes (out of 15) the USPS successfully delivered of my stuff that I sent as I moved from DC.
1: box that started with my books and DVDs from Washington DC, which arrived here with a busted out bottom, and some plastic straps holding it together, filled with kids clothes (not mine) and none of my books or DVDs.
50: The approximate speed in mph of the wind on my face as a drove our four-wheeler probably about 20 mph directly into 30 mph wind, which if i faced directly into it, my eyelids would blow shut and the only way i could open them was to turn my head to either side.
3: The number of people (my bro, his friend and myself) who worked to deliver a 100 pound calf with my father coaching us (with his bad back) and my mother cheering us on.
0: the number of meals I’ve eaten out.
2: the number of times I’ve shaved.
10: (at least) the number of times i’ve peed outside.
okay. i’ll stop now.

2 responses to “some numbers from this past week

  1. Yeah, better stop while you’re still ahead. That’s too bad about your books and DVDs. Guess somebody scored some loot.

  2. Yikes! Must be a shock to the system going from the city to the country that abruptly. And not just out of town, but western ND. =)

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