snot rocket

Not all of you know this, but I had the great opportunity of living on the same farmstead as both my parents and my paternal grandparents growing up for the first eighteen years of my life. We had many opportunties to spend time together and for me to learn lifelong skills.  I won’t go into details now, but one I feel compelled to share. 

When I was out fencing with grandpa or anywhere without easy access to a kleenex or hanky, but I needed to blow my nose, what does one do? Ah, the snot rocket. Hold one nostril closed, and blow, doing your best not to hit your clothes or body. It is a very useful lifelong skill, that i still have “in my back pocket” so to speak.

Why do I mention this skill? Well I was taken aback when I saw a calf engaging in this practice. I did not know they knew how to do this. He had mainly finished by the time I got my video capabilities set up, but here is what i got


One response to “snot rocket

  1. Ah, the snot rocket. I learned it from running partners. Particularly useful on the trail. Though there are always those times when you miss and have gunk all over your shoulder…

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