a tribute on father’s day

Was listening to the radio a couple of days back, and heard a song that really stood out to me. Now when you are driving down US Highway 85 near Grassy Butte you don’t necessarily have the greatest variety of radio stations, but even given ample choice I do choose to listen to country music every now and again and I heard this song.

Now i feel that i am a pretty open-minded individual. Sometimes I feel that i see the merits of both sides of an issue so clearly that I have a hard time having an firm opinion on much of anything-be it a little or large issue. But this song did evoke a strong opinion in me and made me question if I was hearing the words correctly.

So with all this anticipation now built up, and maybe you wondering if I titled this post correctly, let me tell you which song was playing. If you don’t do country music but want to read the lyrics click here. if you are up for listening to it, click here. The artist is Billy Currington and the song is titled “Pretty good at drinkin’ beer.” I’ll include a couple of exerpts:
A go getter maybe I’m not | I’m not known for doin’ a lot | … o hand me one more boys | That’s what I’m here for

Yes, maybe I’m overreacting, but give me a break, even if i put my tongue in my cheek, i can’t see past the words and find the humor. This being father’s day and all (ah yes, the title of my post now becomes more relevant), and thinking about my father, I see how blessed I am that he hasn’t used this song to model his life on. My dad he is a go getter, he is known for doin’ a lot (in service to others), if he says “hand me one more boys” he is probably talking to Titus and I and referring to a tool that he needs to service some machinery. He has served on church board and school board, he is faithful to his family and his word. He shows us the value of strong character and using resources wisely. He doesn’t do a lot of preaching but rather displays his beliefs through his everyday actions.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you and am grateful for you.


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