the real deal

How often do you get to hear the words of a former ND governor put to original music? If you are like me, not that often. But a couple weekend’s back proved to be the exception when I went to: “Dakota Air: The Radio Show” here in Bismarck at the Belle Mehus Auditorium. The show was two hours of variety: music, humorous dialogues, singing, little-known facts about Bismarck and more. The show has been edited down into one hour and played a few times on public radio to hopefully get more bang out of the all the efforts it took to produce it.

Now most of the acts weren’t laugh-out-loud funny, extremely witty or performed flawlessly, but they were real (no chance for mulligans) and for the most part uniquely North Dakotan (jokes about Rick [Berg] and Earl [Pomeroy], learning how Gate City Bank got its name, or as I mentioned earlier hearing an original piece of music played by members of the Bismarck Mandan Symphony Orchestra with Clyde Bauman singing the words–opera-style yikes!–of the now classic ND Governor Link “When the Landscape is Quiet Again” speech).

Yeah I realize that these subjects might not appeal to a broad audience, but I appreciated the opportunity to  see locals doing their best to showcase their talents for others.


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