Born and raised in western ND, I lived and worked in our nation’s capitol for over four years, and, as of April 2010, now have moved back. Washington DC was a eye-opening, broadening-my-horizons- experience for me, that I’m very thankful for, but am also very excited about being back in ND. Hopefully I’ll be a little more committed to this blog than my previous one that I had in DC.

I’ve started out my time back in ND living with my parents on our ranch during calving season. If you see a calving theme in the posts (at least the initial ones), that is why. Be forewarned, though I grew up and was semi-involved in the practical application, I have had no formal education in animal husbandry, so my posts contain my thoughts and experiences on how it works, but please realize it may not be complete.  If you know more or feel I am leading my readers astray, feel free to comment.

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  1. Hey, Daniel! I didn’t realize you’d moved back to North Dakota this month! I think it’s hilarious that I lived here over 3 years now and I still never got a chance to run into you! Kind of demonstrates one of the cultural differences of living in D.C. versus living in rural ND, doesn’t it–the pace of life.

    Best of luck to you, Daniel! Take care of yourself, and say hi to your family for me–

  2. P.S, I meant ranch, not farm… : )
    Clearly I didn’t grow up one, or the other!!! Lol!

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