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some numbers from this past week

4: The number of unique people (my parents, the fedex lady who dropped off some boxes from work, and a neighbor who stopped to get some hay) I saw from Monday afternoon through Friday afternoon.
136: The approximate number of unique cows I have seen from Monday afternoon through Friday afternoon.
14: The number of boxes (out of 15) the USPS successfully delivered of my stuff that I sent as I moved from DC.
1: box that started with my books and DVDs from Washington DC, which arrived here with a busted out bottom, and some plastic straps holding it together, filled with kids clothes (not mine) and none of my books or DVDs.
50: The approximate speed in mph of the wind on my face as a drove our four-wheeler probably about 20 mph directly into 30 mph wind, which if i faced directly into it, my eyelids would blow shut and the only way i could open them was to turn my head to either side.
3: The number of people (my bro, his friend and myself) who worked to deliver a 100 pound calf with my father coaching us (with his bad back) and my mother cheering us on.
0: the number of meals I’ve eaten out.
2: the number of times I’ve shaved.
10: (at least) the number of times i’ve peed outside.
okay. i’ll stop now.